The utility token of the Crypto.Page project

The main utility token of the Crypto.Page project is Page.Token. Page.Token is an ERC2.0 standard token that:

  • Is used as a payment for receiving services both from the Crypto.Page services and from other users of the Crypto.Page system - such as access to private content and communities, payment for content reposts (rental), payment for advertising, sale of Page.NFT tokens and many other cases of use.

  • Generated as compensation and/or reward for high-quality posts, enabling the user to monetize their high-quality content.

  • Used as a Governance token in the Crypto.Page ecosystem (via voting in Page.DAO) and for managing individual Page.Community communities created by the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

The purpose of Page.Token's existence is a fair distribution of income from content created by users of the Crypto.Page ecosystem and users' stimulation to create and post high-quality content on the Crypto.Page social network.

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