Operational manager of the ecosystem

For successful development of Crypto.Page, a special position of a Supermoderator, who has the rights of increased operational control over the system, was established. The Supermoderator has the following features:

  • The ability to suspend the operation of any of Crypto.Page smart contracts.

  • The ability to update the contract code of any of Crypto.Page smart contracts.

  • Direct control over Page.Registry

  • The ability to stop, veto, or vice versa, approve the results of any vote.

  • The ability to moderate any community.

  • Other features necessary to make sure that the system is working and developing in the right direction and is able to resist intruders` attacks.

With the further development of the ecosystem, based on the decisions of Page.DAO, the capabilities of the Supermoderator will change with the trend towards greater decentralization and the transfer of the capabilities described above to Page.DAO level or at the level of individual communities.

Initially, the Supermoderator role will be assigned to the Crypto.Page founding team. In the future, based on Page.DAO voting, this role can be transferred both to Page.DAO itself (with the performance of actions through voting), and to other persons who are ready to be responsible for the operational management of the system and ensuring its stability.

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