Page.DAO and Page.Identity

How the Page.DAO controls the Page.Identity

Page.DAO may decide to upload information about the association of wallets of the real organizations/personalities to the blockchain (in the direct form or in the form of a Merkle Tree), or to IPFS to improve the possibilities of decentralization.

Page.DAO may decide to revoke the recognition of identity verification both for an individual account and for one of the existing identity verification methods. For example, if it becomes known to the Crypto.Page community that identity verification via Twitter account has become unreliable - the Page.DAO may recognize all such verifications as unreliable and revoke the recognition of identity verification confirmed via Twitter. In case the Crypto.Page community becomes aware that a person has lost access to his public key, the verification can be revoked for an individual account.

In the long term, the Crypto.Page team would like to support the ability to delegate voting to the Page.DAO and\or to the Page.Community based on verification. This will let less active users allow "known" users to vote "for them" on a certain range of issues. This functionality can be implemented through the offchain voting, or through the execution of a delegation transaction by the user delegating their votes.

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