The Crypto.Page community

In addition to the user's personal pages, Crypto.Page supports the creation of communities where a variety of users unite by interests and discuss one or multiple topics within such a community. The closest analogue of Page.Community in the world of centralized social networks are Facebook communities.

Each community is described by the name and a set of settings. Examples of such settings are described in the Community Settings section. A large number of possible community settings allows to create and manage, perhaps, all kinds of communities from a variety of social networks and much more. For example, one combination of settings turns the community into a chat of the city, another one makes the community a place for sharing photos with classmates, the third one turns the community into an analogue of Only Fans with its famous model where her subscribers are ready to pay for the access.

The community is the owner of its posts (including reposts) and receives financial income, which is subsequently distributed among the founders and/or members of the community. Possible sources of income for the community include:

  • Paid access to reading the community posts

  • Paid placement of posts

  • Gas compensation

  • Tips for the community

Technically speaking, Page.Community is implemented as a separate smart contract with the ability to connect separate modules to implement additional functionality (for example, there are several separate contracts for the implementation of moderation registered in Page.Registry, and depending on the selected rules, the community includes one of them within itself). The creation of a new community deploys a new community contract on the blockchain (with mandatory links to the Page.Community contract), which allows the user to work with the posts that belong to an individual person (wallet) or a community (the address of a deployed smart contract on the network) in a fairly unified way, allowing the user to make no differences either in how the user/community page in the Crypto.Page social network is handled as a whole, or in how the ownership and transfer of posts is handled.

In terms of supporting multiple blockchains, communities are independent between different blockchains. Even if one community created on one blockchain has a "representation" on another blockchain, they are essentially different independent communities.

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