Long-term development of Crypto.Page

In the long run, Crypto.Page will continue to develop its ecosystem and add additional functionalities to it. Some of our planned functionalities have been mentioned throughout this document. Just a small part of the additional ideas for the further long-term development of the ecosystem are listed below:

  • Multiple marketplaces, both global and within communities, allowing users to organize auctions and to execute transactions based on Page.SafeDeal.

  • Creation and hosting of mini-games inside the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

  • Separate software\integration modules\or a community management software generator for example, a radio station can launch a separate community with integration into the site of such a radio station, to discuss any event \ transmission using Page.Community as a service that ensures the safety, protection of content from external censorship, and ratings (based on Page.SoulBound) for the participants of the discussion.

  • An additional set of smart contracts introducing the functionality of commenting, determining "authorship" and so on for the NFT tokens that were created by contracts other than the Page.NFT contract. For example, the introduction of discussion functionality and "likes" for the CryptoPunks NFT collection will allow organizing a social discussion around a particular NFT token, which may be beneficial and interesting to the owner of this token.

  • Exporting data from a centralized social network to Crypto.Page for "transparent" relocation and abandonment of a centralized social network. For example, a user who decides to abandon the use of Instagram in favor of a decision from Crypto.Page can export all his posts and send an invitation to his subscribers to switch to Crypto.Page.

  • Browser extensions allowing transparent integration with Crypto.Page inside an existing social network, allowing you to bypass censorship and consume the content that was banned within a centralized social network.

We will be glad to hear your ideas and suggestions for cooperation in our Telegram channel!

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