Key modules

List of the key modules and solutions of the Crypto.Page ecosystem

The Crypto.Page ecosystem consists of the following key elements, modules and functional blocks:

  • Page.Account - a set of functionalities connected with the user's account on the Crypto.Page network and the user's own social page.

  • Page.NFT - an ERC-721 standard NFT token, which represents each post and related comments that users make on the Crypto.Page social network.

  • Page.Token - a utility ERC-20 standard token of the Crypto.Page network. Users receive this token for creating posts and comments on the network as compensation for the gas spent on creating such posts and comments. The token has many ways of usage within the Crypto.Page ecosystem, including using it to manage the Crypto.Page ecosystem itself as well as its individual communities.

  • Page.Community - a set of functionalities that allows users to unite into open and closed communities, communicate within the communities and manage such communities.

  • Page.SoulBound - an ERC-1155 standard reputation token. Reputation tokens are generated as a reward for user's actions in the Crypto.Page ecosystem and are used to gamify the very process of communication on the social network, to receive additional bonuses when generating Page.Tokens, and, in some cases, to manage the ecosystem itself or its individual communities. Some of the Page.SoulBounds are non-transferrable and are stored only in the same wallet that they were gererated for.

  • Page.DAPP - a DApp application of the Crypto.Page ecosystem located at (Beta version). Most of the interactions with the system are implemented by users through this application.

  • Page.Marketplace - a marketplace app, where Page.NFT tokens and licences for the content use outside the blockchain can be sold and bought.

  • Page.Mobile - the mobile versions of the Page.DAPP application published in the Apple.Store and Google.Play app stores.

  • Page.Messenger - the application that allows participants of the Crypto.Page ecosystem exchange encrypted messages with each other.

  • Page.Registry - a smartcontract and a set of utilities that allow to organize a module formation of the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

  • Page.Bank - a Crypto.Page ecosystem's bank that is responsible for the value calculations, creation and rules of the comission for any transaction in Crypto.Page ecosystem.

  • Page.CrossChain - the set of services and solutions that allow Crypto.Page to exist as a solution that works simultaneously on a variety of blockchain networks.

  • Page.DAO - the distributed autonomous organization responsible for managing the Crypto.Page ecosystem. Until the full launch, it is implemented in the form of a multi-sig wallet of the project founders team.

  • Page.Treasury - the Treasury of the Crypto.Page project managed by Page.DAO and used to finance the current expenses and the project development.

  • Page.SafeDeal - the set of functions for organizing secure transactions within the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

  • Page.Ads - a functionality to place ads on the user's profiles and in Page.Messenger, to organize advertising campaigns or auction the ad placement for users or advertisers.

  • Page.Identity - the set of functions for establishing a connection between a user's account on the Crypto.Page social network (the user's wallet) and a peal-world person or organization.

  • Page.Future - the set of ideas and wishes for the further development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

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