Page.NFT - a token containing information about a specific post

The heart of the Crypto.Page solution is a Page.NFT token, which is an NFT (non-fungible token) conforming to the ERC-721 standard with some additional extensions implemented by the Crypto.Page team.

Every post created by the authors on the Crypto.Page platform leads to the creation of a Page.NFT token, and, in essence, the created Page.NFT token is exactly this very post. Each Page.NFT is identified using the Token Identifier and stores a link to the content of the created post inside itself, while the content itself is stored inside the immutable IPFS storage (Inter Planetary File System).

Distinctive features of Page.NFT are:

  • The presence of a "creator" and "owner". In addition to the standard "owner" field in each NFT, Page.NFT contains information about the initial author of the content described by this token. There is no way to change the authorship of the token, even if its owner changes (except for the case described in the Copyright section). The author of the post is rewarded with additional Page.Token tokens and Page.SoulBound rate tokens if the content created by him/her has become popular and in demand.

  • Controlled transmission/reception. One of the important features of the Crypto.Page social network is the display of tokens owned by the user on his social account. Thus, an additional control mechanism is required for the token recipient to be able to confirm the user's desire to become the owner of the token and display it on his/her social profile.

  • Storing links to the original content of the post inside Page.NFT and dynamic generation of metadata for posts carried out by a special public service supported by Crypto.Page, which not only allows you to support additional functionality related to the calculation of post statistics, but also allows you to support the functionality of hiding (partial) posts.

  • Crypto.Page will partially compensate for the gas spent on creating the post by issuing Page.Tokens for the author and owner of the post.

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