Encrypted posts

Encrypted posts support

In some cases it is necessary to support the possibility of encrypting posts to restrict access to such posts. First of all, this functionality can be used in closed communities, but with the development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem additional scripts for such functionality may appear.

Support for encrypted posts is implemented using offchain solutions supported by the Crypto.Page team. If you need to create a post with encrypted content, the content of this post is encrypted in an external source, and the content which is already encrypted is uploaded to IPFS. For users who do not have access to the decryption key, such content will be presented as a set of meaningless characters. The metadata returned for such a post will contain images by default as the content of the post, while the encrypted post itself will be returned encrypted in a separate field in the metadata structure. A user with access to the decryption key will be able to decode such a post and gain access to the decoded original metadata.

The decryption and encryption keys are under the control of Page.DAPP and may be different for different posts, communities, or change over time.

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