NFT Token Market

Within the Crypto.Page ecosystem, content creators can allow paid copying of their content by other users or communities, as described in the Copyrights and Reposts section. Crypto.Page allows users to set the price for such paid copying in two ways:

  • By setting a fixed price inside a smart contract, which is close to the “buy it now” option on such marketplaces as

  • By creating an auction and selling the right to copy (single or multiple) through an auction limited in time and with a minimum allowable price. The winner of the auction will be able to receive a copy of the token (indicating the original authorship) in his possession, but will not be able to transfer this token to another buyer without a separate permission from the user - author of the content.

In addition to the copy functionality, Page.Marketplace is used to sell copyrights to content for use outside of the Crypto.Page project - for example, the use of some art as a design of a certain advertising campaign. From this point of view, Page.Marketplace is very similar to such photo banks as Depositphotos or ShutterStock. Content buyers pay the cost to the owner of such content, and receive a guarantee that they have the right to use this content for the purposes for which it was purchased. Page.Marketplace uses Page.SafeDeal deals for conducting transactions on the sale of rights to use content to external entities.

Any content sale on Page.Marketplace requires payment of a commission in Page.Token in favor of Page.Treasury. The amount of such commission is determined by Page.DAO.

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