Reputation Token

Page.SoulBound is a reputation token of the Crypto.Page ecosystem that is issued to the user when performing certain actions on the social network. For each of the types of actions performed by the user, there are separate types of reputation tokens. The totality of the Page.SoulBound tokens on the user's account describes their reputation on the Crypto.Page network - their social capital.

In the initial version, the user gets Page.SoulBound:

  • The number of posts created by the user.

  • The number of comments left by the user.

  • The number of likes of posts created by the user.

  • The number of dislikes of posts created by the user.

  • Successfully completed Page.SafeDeal transactions in the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

It should be noted that for the first four cases, reputation tokens are issued to the author of the content, and not to its current owner. Reputation tokens for successfully completed Page.SafeDeal transactions are issued to both parties of the transaction and to the guarantor. There is a possibility (activated via voting inside the Page.DAO) for Crypto.Page ecosystem contracts to take away reputation tokens from the user if it becomes known that they were obtained illegally (for example, for spam posts).

Reputation tokens, depending on their type, can be "transferable" or "non-transferable". Non-transferable tokens do not support any of the token transfer methods and always belong to the user they were created for. All 5 types of Page.SoulBound tokens in the initial version are non-transferable.

Reputation tokens not only introduce an element of gamification into the Crypto.Page ecosystem and serve as guidelines for understanding the activity and involvement of any user, but are also used to determine the functionality available to the user:

  • The number of Pages.Token generated for the user as gas compensation depends on the number of reputation tokens the user has. Refer to the Emissions Calculation section for more information.

  • Voting inside Page.DAO and inside individual Page.Community communities may require a certain number of reputation tokens of a certain type, or take into account the number of these tokens to determine the number of votes available to the user, according to how the corresponding voting rules are configured.

  • Joining some Page.Community communities may require a certain number of reputation tokens from a user, according to the configuration settings of a certain community.

  • Additional scenarios in which the number of user's Page.SoulBound tokens will be taken into account will appear with the development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

With the development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem, based on the decisions made by Page.DAO, new types of reputation tokens can be introduced. With further development of the Page.Community, communities will be able to generate reputation tokens specific to this community (for example: tokens for each post in this community, tokens for active moderation of the community, etc.). The rules of awarding and the impact of these tokens on user behavior in any community are determined by the community itself by voting in the community.

From the implementation perspective, Page.SoulBound tokens are tokens of the ERC-1155 standard. Reputation tokens of the same type are interchangeable, while tokens of different types are completely independent of each other and are not interchangeable. In addition to the Page.SoulBound contract implementing the reputation tokens themselves, there is a separate set of Page.SoulBoundGenerator contracts, which are "turned on" in the system based on decisions made by Page.DAO or, in the future, based on individual Page.Community solutions. Page.SoulBoundGenerator contracts determine under what actions and under what conditions Page.SoulBound reputation tokens are useds are created for users.

To increase gamification and to ease the perception of information, in Page.DAPP and inside Page.Mobile applications, the user's reputation tokens are displayed not only as statistics (the user wrote 323 posts and received 4200 likes), but also as some kind of "SoulBounds" - "Created a thousand posts"/ "Got 1000 likes", etc.).

Page.SoulBound tokens are generated separately for all networks on which the Crypto.Page ecosystem exists, however, thanks to Page.Crosschain.Merkle, and if there is a connection between user accounts in different networks, tokens from all networks are taken into account when calculating bonuses and available functionality in each specific network.

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