Like... but better!

The components of Crypto.Page are personal profiles, communities, posts, comments, upvotes/downvotes. These terms are familiar to anyone who has used any social media platform. Let's try to compare the components with already known social media platforms:

Personal social pages are similar to:

Facebook accounts and webpages, 
Twitter and Instagram accounts.

At the same time, if you have a blockchain wallet - you already have a personal page in Crypto.Page! So, for example, if we want to view the space of Vitaly Buterin, we will have to enter his wallet into the search box.

Posts are similar to:

Medium publications, 
Instagram posts, 
Twitter tweets, 
Youtube videos.

How about something more advanced? And how can we recreate the popular functions of well-known networks in Web 3.0 using Crypto.Page?

For example, for monetization similar to Patreon/OnlyFans, you can create communities and collect tips for your content in cryptocurrency. Or you can make part of the content private, and sell encryption keys for cryptocurrency to interested subscribers.

The emergence of subscriptions in the content creation ecosystem allowed people to start working independently and communicate much more closely with their fans. If before the appearance of these sites advertising on YouTube was something like a proxy, then these sites went further and allowed the creation of private content for different levels of subscribers.

The biggest disadvantage is that these platforms can block or delete content they don't like, plus content creators trust the owners of the platforms with their private content. Eliminating trust points is important for the blockchain ecosystem.

With Crypto.Page you are protected from censorship and a bunch of intermediaries!

Even if you don't create a community and organize a subscription, you can still earn money with Crypto.Page! If you have created a successful post that leads to a lot of reposts and comments, not only you earn money in Page.Tokens for each comment, but you also observe your reputation growing in the community. And an increased reputation leads to a greater number of Pages.Tokens that you are paid for each comment to your post!

Crypto.Page allows you to get the most out of the content you create!

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