Ecosystem Treasury

As described in the Emission model, Page.Ads, Enctypted Communities, Page.Marketplace, Page.SafeDeal and other sections that could be developed in the future, with certain actions in Crypto.Page ecosystem some number of the Page.Token is transferred to a special address called Page.Treasury. This address is the Treasury of the Crypto.Page ecosystem and is managed by the Page.DAO (or the founding team until the launch of the Page.DAO).

Page.Treasury is a pool of tokens that are used for:

  • The development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

  • Payment for the functioning of the services used by Crypto.Page:

    • Payment for the services of the infrastructure partners to upload content to the IPFS, as described in the section IPFS storage

    • Web2 services used by the Page.Messenger

    • Web2 services used by the Page.DAPP and the Page.Mobile applications

    • Web2 services for the Page.CrossChain.Merkle and the Page.CrossChain.Bridge implementation

    • Web2 services for the Page.Identity implementation

    • Web2 services to support encrypted posts in Page.Community communities

    • Other services required for the development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem

  • Payment for the development of the additional system functionality

  • To implement integrations with various ecosystem partners

  • Marketing and Community development

  • Smoothing price distortions between different blockchain networks that are harmful to the development of the ecosystem, and/or to smooth out manipulative or speculative attacks on the value of the Page.Token

Due to the fact that the above items of expenditure are dynamic, and may vary depending on the state of the market, the development and the level of use of the Crypto.Page ecosystem, the percentage of deductions into the Page.Treasury based on various actions in the ecosystem can be changed by the Page.DAO (by the founding team before the launch of the Page.DAO).

With the development of the ecosystem, additional methods of replenishing the Page.Treasury will appear, which may include, among other things, replenishment of the treasury with the base coin of the blockchain or tokens of other projects.

Page.DAO (the founding team until the launch of the Page.DAO) can sell tokens located in the Page.Treasury on the open market if it is necessary to receive funds in other coins.

It should be noted that due to the fact that Crypto.Page is a cross-chain project, in reality there are separate treasuries (addresses accumulating funds) on each of the blockchain networks supported in the ecosystem.

Page.DAO (the founding team until the launch of the Page.DAO) can operate funds in the Treasury on different blockchains independently, or use the Page.Crosschain.Bridge for transferring tokens from one network to another. Tokens located in the Page.Treasury, cannot participate in any of the votes in the Page.DAO or inside the Page.Community.

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