Hidden posts and comments

Features for hiding posts

Users who own posts (including communities through their "Moderators") can hide some of their posts and block access to such posts. An important feature is that the owner can hide the post, and NOT the author (if the author and the owner are different). It should be noted that such hiding does not lead to a complete closure of access to the post - the post continues to exist on the blockchain and continues to store a link to IPFS with its content. The metadata retrieval functions described in the Metadata section will filter out such posts by replacing pictures and addresses with special pictures of "hidden" posts. However, a user who is proficient in blockchain will be able to access such a post through blockchain analysis tools.

Similar functionality is available for comments - the author of the comment or the moderator of the community can mark their comment as hidden. The system for displaying comments in Page.DAPP and Page.Mobile will filter out such comments, however, if necessary, a user who knows how to work directly with blockchain contracts will be able to get to the content of such a comment. Note that the author and/or owner of the post cannot hide comments for the post.

An additional feature of the regulation of the user's personal profile is the ability for the user to hide NFT tokens other than Page.NFT which are displayed in Page.DAPP. This functionality is implemented offchain, where the user makes a record of tokens that should be hidden in the database used by Page.DAPP.

The logic about the rules for hiding posts, like many other parts of the Crypto.Page ecosystem, is modular, and by the decision of Page.DAO, can be changed. The logic presented above is based on the following logical requirements:

  • We should give the user the opportunity to get rid of posts that they no longer want to display on their page, while we should give this opportunity without forcing the user to forward posts he does not need to the "waste" address.

  • We should not give the author, who has transferred the rights to his post to another person/community, the opportunity to hide such a post.

  • We should give the commentator the opportunity to hide his comment, but not give the author the opportunity to delete a comment he does not like (in which, for example, they point out some mistakes in the original post).

Hidden posts/comments are different from encrypted posts. Encrypted posts are visible on the user's page, but consumers of such content need a special key to access the content. Hidden posts are not visible on the user's page, however, if such posts are not encrypted, the user can read them directly by analyzing the blockchain data.

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