Verification via partners

Confirmation of the connection between the user's wallet and a real person using third-party services

Crypto.Page will work with various business partners from both Web3 and Web2 to integrate their identity verification solutions into the Crypto.Page verification solution. We are considering two areas of integration:

  • Using existing verifications (for example, Sybil from Uniswap) which will allow the user to issue the verification status for any wallet automatically. In essence, this means that we will read publicly available and reliably verified information about the associations of public keys (wallets) of users, and use this information automatically to assign a verified status within the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

  • Integration with the business partners carrying out the full verification process - which will allow the user to go through the entire verification process through the partne's interface. In this case, the user will be asked to go through the verification process through a partner (such as Onfido, for example). We expect that this process may be chargeable.

We expect the first integrations for verification through partners to appear no earlier than the end of 2023.

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