The system of likes \ dislikes for posts

Crypto.Page supports the ability for each comment to indicate whether such a comment is a "Like" or a "Dislike" of the post. The number of likes/dislikes can not only change the value of such a post on the open market, but can also affect the Page.SoulBound reputation tokens issued to the author of the post (the author - who may not necessarily be the current owner of this post).

There is no way to give a like/dislike without creating a comment. The Crypto.Page system supports comments with empty text only if there is an indication that such a comment is a "Like" or "Dislike" - i.e. it is impossible to create a "neutral" comment with empty text.

Hiding a comment with likes/dislikes (available to the author of such a comment) reduces the likes/dislikes counter for the post and reduces the number of Page.SoulBound reputation tokens issued to the author of the original post.

It should be noted that the Page.Token mathematical model, as described in the Emission Model section, contains protection against using the likes/dislikes system solely to increase the token emission when creating a post.

In the future, when adding tree-like comments, Crypto.Page plans to support a system of likes/dislikes for comments. This means that, for example, a negative/ meaningless comment can lead to a decrease in the rating of the author of such a comment, and a reasonable comment will lead to an increase in his rating.

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