The ability to display ads on the user's page

Page.Ads is a module of the Crypto.Page ecosystem responsible for placing ads on users and communities pages, in user messages, and an auction for advertisers to place such ads. Page.Ads integrates closely with other modules of the Crypto.Page ecosystem and supports the following usage scenarios:

  • Placing ads on users' profiles inside Page.DAPP and Page.Mobile, as well as inside Page.Messenger when it is used by the user.

    • Advertisers place ad blocks and the conditions for displaying this ad inside the Page.Ads application.

      • Advertisers can explicitly select the users on whose pages they want to display their ads, or specify the class of users for whom they can display such ads.

    • Users post information about their profiles and the desire to display ads.

      • Users can explicitly select the ads they want to display on their profiles, or allow the display of a whole "class" of ads from various advertisers.

    • The Page.Ads system conducts a virtual auction between advertisers and users, determines which advertising should be shown at which address, and displays such advertising, transferring 90% of the cost of such advertising to the user.

      • 10% of the advertising cost is transferred to Page.Treasury for the development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem.

        • Page.DAO can change the percentage of ads listed in Page.Treasury through voting.

      • Periodically (once a day) information about the number of Pages.Token tokens that the user receives for displaying ads on his page is uploaded to the Page.Ads.Distributor smart contract, which is an implementation of Merkle Distributor. The user can call the claim method to receive the tokens earned by him at any time convenient to the user.

      • For communities, the founder or the moderator of the community, depending on the plug-in in the community, is responsible for setting up the output of advertising and the withdrawal of earned funds from the Page.Ads contract is.

  • Advertising in the form of Page.NFT reposts inside popular communities and users' profiles. In this case, advertisers publish posts for which they want to make a repost, and users post the cost for which they want to make such a repost. If both parties are satisfied with the cost, then the user's side allows the token to be accepted to his/her address or within the community according to the rules for controlling the transfer of the token, and the advertiser's side sends such a token to the community. The Page.SafeDeal contract is used for the technical implementation of the process, where the Page.Ads contract acts as a guarantor that automatically verifies the fact of a repost. Page.Ads revenue as a guarantor is transferred to Page.Treasury.

  • Organization of promotions and/or native integration. In this case, the advertiser and the user describe the terms of the promotion (for example, mention the advertiser's name in every 10th post in the community for six months, or encourage the community to leave 1000 comments with likes on the advertiser's post). The parties choose a guarantor to verify the fulfillment of the conditions, and upload their agreements to the Page.SafeDeal contract, using the Page.SafeDeal functionality in the future to complete the transaction.

It is important to note that the division into the advertiser and the user is not absolute within Page.Ads - both the advertiser and the user are users of the Crypto.Page system, and the Crypto.Page team expects the possibility that two popular communities would use Page.Ads for mutual promotion (using Page.SafeDeal to protect their interests).

From a technical point of view, Page.Ads is a separate Web2 application that actively uses the Crypto.Page smart contracts, and other two additional smart contracts:

  • Page.Ads.Distributor - a contract based on Merkle.Distributor to pay for advertising on the user's page with minimal gas costs for transmitting information about users' earnings.

  • Page.Ads.SafeDeal.Validator - to automatically perform the role of a guarantor in transactions for the repost of the advertiser's token.

It should be noted that the system will allow the user to target ads based on their preferences, analyzing the communities they follow and the content they create.

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