Your content is your property!

Many of us have used Twitter without knowing or assuming that any content on such a social network could be censored at any time. We also rarely consider the value that companies owning the networks get from the posts we create and the attention that we show to the content of other users. However, your data, engagement and content are what allows centralized social networks to flourish and recoup their expenses. Your data, your time and attention both as an author and a consumer of content is your digital contribution (which you barely even feel as a user) to the well-being of large corporations.

Traditional social media platforms have profited and continue to profit from the content created and consumed by their users. For the companies behind such products, the usage history will always be more positive compared to their users.

Accessing any social network, posting content, receiving payment are linked to numerous service providers lurking in the background. These service providers may block your content, block your payments, or simply remove you from the platform entirely. Every service provider is a potential censorship point, and they all profit from you. Given the freedom that humanity now possesses for self-expression, freedom in creating and recognizing values, the Internet turns out to be less free than it was previously hoped and assumed.

Imagine a world where people could create content, share it with the whole world and get paid for it without leaving home, without incurring the risks associated with censorship and without giving a significant part of their income to numerous middle-men and service providers.

Blockchain is a technology of freedom and transparency. Using decentralized approaches and smart contracts, it is possible to remove unnecessary service providers that stand between creators and consumers, get rid of censorship and return ownership of the content to its authors. Imagine a social network where content is presented in the form of mutually non-fungible (NFT) tokens, users are identified by their public keys (wallets in the blockchain network), communities are moderated and managed by their participants\groups of authors, and high reputation and content creation is rewarded with special tokens that carry financial (and not only) benefits for authors.

Facebook should not sell your data without paying you. YouTube should not receive more money for advertising than you do. Twitter should not be able to ban you from conveying your thoughts because someone disagrees with you.

That is why we have created a decentralized social network - Crypto.Page. Thanks to the use of web 3.0 technology with the guarantee of data sovereignty - you are in control of the data that you create.

Your content is your property!

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