Page.Crosschain.Bridge is a smart contract, when sending tokens to it or making calls, these tokens/calls are transferred to other networks.

  • For Page.NFT tokens there is a copy of the token on the new network created with the changed highest byte of the token ID (refer to the Token ID section for details).

  • For Page.Tokens, tokens sent on the same network are burned, and instead, using Page.Bank the new tokens are generated on the new network for the wallet specified during the token transfer.

  • For Page.DAO, Bridge contract allows the user to call the methods of the Page.DAO contract on a different network.

  • For other contracts and entities of the system, Page.Crosschain.Bridge does not provide any additional functionality.

It should be noted that operation of Page.Crosschain.Bridge is supported by a set of securely protected lambda functions that perform transactions on the same network based on data sent to Page.Crosschain.Bridge on another network.

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