IPFS storage

Storage of post content

When creating a post, Crypto.Page perceives a link to IPFS as one of the parameters for calling the function to create a post. This link should store the content of the post to which smart contracts\Crypto.Page solutions will add the necessary metadata in the future. In Page.DAPP and Page.Mobile applications generation of such a link is automated, i.e. the user only needs to provide the content that he wants to publish, and the system will automatically upload this content to IPFS and generate a link for the user that will need to be passed inside the post creation function (which is also automated inside Crypto.Page applications). Crypto.Page does not prohibit the user from downloading the content and uploading the link themselves, however, it requires such a link to be an IPFS link.

It should be noted that Crypto.Page uses a solution from Infura to upload data to IPFS. Infura's services are paid for by Page.DAO at the expense of funds received from the sale of tokens in Page.Treasury. Page.DAO can set limits inside Page.DAPP/Page.Mobile on the size of content uploaded to IPFS both within a single post and within the content uploaded by a single user in order to make sure that users will not use the system to store huge files as a substitute for their personal file storage.

In the future Page.DAO can make additional decisions and support storing posts in places other than IPFS.

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