Road Map

Our plans
Q2 2022 - Project initiation
  • Market analysis
  • First version of the Whitepaper
  • Start of development of front-end Crypto.Page application
  • Start of smart contracts development
Q3 2022 - Beta and Experiments
  • Deploying smart contracts on the testnet
  • Start of the beta version of Page.DAPP on
  • Start of mobile application development
  • Start of work on Page.Messenger
  • Whitepaper improvement
Q4 2022 - Q1 2023 - launch of MVP version
  • Ready versions of Page.Token, Page.NFT, Page.Registry, Page.Treasury, Page.Bank, Page.SoulBound
  • Beta version of Page.DAPP
  • Post encryption
  • Basic community support
  • Basic support for Page.SafeDeal
  • Basic version of Page.Messenger
  • Smart contracts audit
  • Deployment of the main smart contracts in the main network of Ethereum, Bsc, Polygon
  • The start of marketing team formation
  • Contracts with listing platforms
  • Publications in press releases
Q2 2023 - Q3 2023 - Growth in width and visibility
  • Release of stable version of Page.DAPP
  • Launch of Page.Mobile version
  • Presentation of the project at various events
  • Formation of a bounty fund for third-party developers
  • Page.Marketplace
  • Creation of Page.Ads, Page.Identity
  • Create a content store for games
  • Page.DAO is ready but works in limited mode
Q4 2023 - Q2 2024 - Transition to DAO and Cross-chain
  • Creation of cross-chain mechanisms - Page.CrossChain
  • No Supermoderator, Fully Functional Page.DAO
  • Play store release for content
Q3 2024 - Q4 2025 - A bright future
  • Additional features (Page.Future)
  • It is possible to launch your own blockchain
  • Improvements for the mass use of the system
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