Social media owned by the user

Social media owned by the user

The largest social media companies earn billions of dollars, but they do not share their income with users and do share only a small part of it with content creators.

In Crypto.Page owners of the social media are its users.

In Crypto.Page all content that the user creates is stored in a decentralized uncensored cloud, belongs only to the user and is recorded as an NFT to confirm the authenticity of the content owner.

Publishing the content on sites owned by a traditional social media company means that you have little right to how this content will be monetized or censored. Moreover, your credentials are stored in their centralized database. You have to believe that these companies will be able to keep your personal data safe - however, we have already seen how many of the largest Web 2.0 companies (including Facebook and Twitter) have been affected by data leaks. In addition, everyone has been aware of the facts of the resale of your data and data misuse.

The technologies underlying the new Web 3.0 paradigmas allow users to retain ownership of their data.

In Crypto.Page, instead of publishing content on a platform owned by a social media giant, you get the opportunity to publish and monetize your content, which can be completely independent from trusted third parties. Also, login credentials are stored locally on your devices, not in a centralized database.

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