Content monetization

How users earn on Crypto.Page

For the sake of clarity, based on what has been described in the sections above (particularly in the sections Copyright and Emission Model), we will describe only a few possible scenarios for content monetization by Crypto.Page users.

  • User A creates a viral image, and sets the copy rights as "Copy Permission with Attribution". Other users copy such a picture to their page, or publish it in some communities. User A receives income both for posting a picture and for commenting on such a picture.

  • User A creates a viral image, marks it as "Protected from copying", encrypts it, and puts it up for auction from which he earns payment. The user also indicates that the copyright for this picture will be transferred to the owner of such a picture. Buyers who purchase such content further monetize it in one way or another (including changing the method of copyright protection).

  • User A creates and promotes a community where users can post ads. The community is configured in such a way that when a post is published in such a community, all gas compensation goes to the community. Thus, when placing a lot of ads, the community earns a little from such ads, and then distributes the profit to user A.

  • User A creates a community for membership to which it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription. User A buys content that may be of interest to members of his community and transfers such content to the community (by posting it). User A earns on subscriptions.

  • The user earns on tips on posts in his community or personal page.

  • Many other scenarios based on the mechanisms described above.

It should be noted that these are just examples of possible monetization, the community can come up with and create much more complex and unique content monetization schemes.

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