How Crypto.Page is managed

In order to organize the management of the Crypto.Page project, Page.DAO was create (Distributed Autonomous Organization), which will be responsible for:

  • Organization and financing of further development and development of the Crypto.Page ecosystem

  • Managing the Page.Treasury funds, including the definition of commissions for Page.Treasury when creating content and comments, as well as spending the Page.Treasury funds to pay for services necessary for the functioning of the Crypto.Page ecosystem

  • Control over the Page.Token emission rules and providing liquidity for the token

  • Resolving controversial issues in communities when the members of the community are unable to resolve these issues themselves (by dividing votes as 50-50 in any voting; deadlocked development of any of the votings)

  • The election and appointment of a supermoderator, as well as the definition of the functionality available to the supermoderator

  • Setting the voting rules both in Page.DAO and in the communities by default

  • Defining the Root network for voting inside Page.DAO (as described in Page.CrossChain section)

  • Resolving disputes over the authorship of content, including the cases of cross-chain disputes over the authorship of content (individually, by voting or by organizing decentralized arbitration), as described in the Copyright section

  • Efforts related to the promotion and mass implementation of Crypto.Page ecosystem

  • Page.Registry management, registration and enabling of modules in it

  • Other issues to ensure the smooth operation of Crypto.Page ecosystem

The full-scale launch of the Page.DAO is scheduled for 2024-2025. Until then, the Crypto.Page founding team will carry out the duties described above using the multi-sig wallet as a Page.DAO contract.

At launch of Page.DAO issues related to the areas of responsibility described above will be resolved through a vote of the owners of Page.Token according to the rules set by Page.DAO (which, in turn, are set through the same voting inside Page.DAO). It should be emphasized that such voting will be organized on the basis of one of the supported blockchain networks, the so-called Root network, as described in Page.CrossChain section. Page.Tokens owners on other blockchains will be able to participate in the similar voting or through the transfer of their tokens through Crosschain.Bridge or through the implementation of Crosschain.Merkle.

Voting rules within Page.DAO contain a certain set of settings (set via voting) which determine how the voting is initiated and conducted. Such settings include how the voting is initiated (the minimum level of activity and/or the number of tokens for putting the question to the vote), how the number of votes the user has is calculated (by the number of Page.Token, by the number of Page.SoulBound, according to a combination of the above), how the decision is made (deadlines and the minimum required number of votes to make a decision) and where the voting is held (on which blockchain or the possibility of voting outside the blockchain).

At full-scale launch of Page.DAO, the founding team will retain the right of veto for critical changes in the ecosystem for an additional period to make sure that Page.DAO has a sufficient number of active members for the development of the ecosystem.

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