The "root" network

For global management of the Crypto.Page ecosystem, Page.DAO decides to use one of the supported blockchains as the "Root" network of the ecosystem. Such a decision means that voting on some issues inside Page.DAO start only on the "root" network, and decisions made in the root network are transferred to other supported blockchains using the Page.Crosschain.Bridge mechanism.

When voting in the root network, all Page.Token and Page.SoulBound available on this network are taken into account (including those tokens that were transferred to it using the Page.Crosschain.Bridge mechanism). For tokens that exist in other supported blockchains of the Crypto.Page ecosystem, voting is carried out using the Page.Crosschain.Merkle mechanism. Thus, to initiate voting inside Page.DAO it's necessary to have tokens in the "root network", but in order to use the vote when voting, the user can use the Page.Crosschain.Merkle mechanism.

The Polygon blockchain network is initially chosen by the Crypto.Page founding team as the "root" network of the project.

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