Private crypto-messenger

Page.Messenger is a crypto-messenger for communication between members of the Crypto.Page social network. Key features of Page.Messenger:

  • Works in a browser - no installation required, getting started is as easy as opening a website

  • Decentralized authorization. Authorization occurs through a cryptocurrency wallet - thus there is no organization that owns the account, and there is no way to block access to the account. Only the owner of the wallet can manage and change the user's account in the messenger, and only he can write messages from this user or read messages directed to this user

  • Decentralized data transfer. For data transfer, decentralized networks are used, thus independence from ISP blocking is achieved

  • Decentralized data storage. The data is stored in decentralized networks in encrypted form and no one owns the data except the owner of the wallet

  • Encryption of all transmitted data. All data is encrypted with the public key of the user's wallet, which can only be decrypted by the owner of this wallet

  • Guaranteed authorship of the sender of the message. Messages can be signed by their sender, guaranteeing the authorship of such messages

  • Privacy. It is not possible to determine either the sender of the message or its recipient for an external observer, since onion routing is used to send messages, in which the participant sending the message knows only his part of the route, but no one except the sender knows the entire route.

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