Encrypted Communities

Ways to protect content for communities with limited access to posts

Depending on the community settings, some communities may restrict access to all posts or a part of their posts for some users (and allow access only to the members/users paying for the membership, and so on). To implement such functionality, communities use a combination of encrypted posts, special community plugins and offchain solutions to control access to encryption keys.

It should be noted that posts that should be encrypted, should be encrypted from the moment they were created - encrypting a post that was publicly available does not make sense. When publishing posts through the Page.DAPP app, it is possible to encrypt a post with the current encryption key of the community through a simple and intuitive interface, if the user who wants to publish such a post has access to such a key (i.e. is a member of the community with the rights to read and publish posts).

Decryption of the post is carried out through Page.DAPP, which checks whether the user has access and rights to access such a post (depending on the settings of this community).

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