Project Description

Brief description of the project

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The Crypto.Page project is designed for users to post content in a decentralized system, manage such content and monetize it. Let's list the main features of Crypto.Page.

  • The user's account on the Crypto.Page social media is their public key (wallet).

  • The user's page on the Crypto.Page social media is NFT tokens (created as part of the Crypto.Page project and other NFT tokens) stored in their wallet.

  • The creation of posts is implemented in the form of the creation of Page.NFT NFT tokens. The content of the post itself is stored on IPFS, and the NFT token contains a link to such a file.

  • The creation of comments is implemented in the form of saving information about the comment inside Page.NFT.

  • Each post (Page.NFT token) has a creator and an owner. The creators create tokens and transfer/sell them to owners who monetize such tokens.

  • When creating posts and comments, the creators of posts and comments, as well as the creators of posts to which comments are written, receive Page.Tokens to their wallet as a reward and/or compensation for the gas spent on creating the post.

  • The transfer of posts from one user to another is controlled, and it is impossible to transfer such a post without the desire to accept it from the other side.

  • Users can give "likes" and "dislikes" to the post as part of their comments. You can't give likes and dislikes without a comment (even an empty one). The user can give only one like or dislike to one post.

  • Users can create and join communities (Page.Community). A community is a group of users united by some common interests.

  • Each community can create its own posts and comments on posts.

  • The communities themselves determine the rules of moderation and choose moderators. The selection of such rules and moderators and the selection of many other rules is carried out through voting among the community members.

  • Users receive Page.Badge reputation tokens for their activity on the Crypto.Page social network, comments and likes to their posts. Some Page.Badges can be passed to other users, other Page.Badges always belong only to one user.

  • Crypto.Page is managed using Page.DAO (at the current stage it is implemented as a multi-sig wallet of the founders of the project). When starting Page.DAO, management issues are decided by voting.

  • When voting in Page.DAO and in communities, a combination of Page.Token and Page.Badge tokens belonging to the user is taken into account in order to give weight to the user's vote. Thus Page.Token and Page.Badge are the project's management tokens.

  • It is possible to hide posts and comments if this is allowed by Page.DAO or the community rules.

  • There is a possibility to post encrypted posts where content consumers need an encryption key to access such content.

  • Crypto.Page supports a system that allows you to get permission (for a fee or for free) to use other people's posts for your own purposes.

  • In communities, it is possible to specify a fee for joining or being a member of the community.

  • Communities can distribute the funds earned by the community among their members or founders, depending on the settings of the community.

  • There is a special Page.DAPP application which has a GUI for working with smart contracts, as well as its mobile version in the form of an application for iOS and Android.

  • There is a cryptographic messenger that allows you to exchange messages between users of the Crypto.Page system.

  • All Crypto.Page contracts are modular and allow further expansion of the system functionality.

  • Crypto.Page works on a variety of blockchain networks and allows users to synchronize part of the data between them.

  • Crypto.Page supports a mechanism for secure transactions between its participants with the involvement of a transaction guarantor.

  • Crypto.Page supports a token marketplace where users can buy the rights to use tokens of each other.

  • Crypto.Page supports an advertising module that allows users to place ads on their pages and earn money from it.

  • Crypto.Page supports the possibility of verifying the connection between the wallet\account and a real-world person or organization.

  • When the contracts are deployed, an initial issue of 50,000,000 Page.Token tokens is made to the Treasury wallet on each of the blockchains where Page.Token contracts are deployed.

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