More than that!

Crypto.Page is much more than…

Crypto.Page is much more than just a blogging platform with monetization features. This is a revolution in connecting social media, NFT, decentralized finance and decentralized organizations all together. This is a cross-chain social network where social media meets art and DeFi.

Crypto.Page spares you from having to delve into the technical subtleties of the blockchain to manage your decentralized social page. In the Crypto.Page application the user can create many decentralized communities, which provide freedom of action for any creator to manage and customize their community. By default, Crypto.Page is resistant to censorship, but each community can set its own moderation rules.

Blockchain technology provides true ownership: only the user owns his/her content, so only the owner has the opportunity to sell or resell his/her content. This dynamic is not possible in web 2.0: your content may include your name, but it usually does not have a cryptographic signature and is not stored in a public register. Ownership in web 2.0 is less clearly defined and requires legal contracts to be implemented.

If you have created unique and popular content (for example, a movie or a successful meme), and this content collects thousands of views per month, then it is quite possible that other community owners may want to publish it in their communities, which you can allow for a certain price by monetizing your creation!

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