Crypto.Page is not just a platform where users keep blog for getting money. The project unites users of all ecosystems in the cryptocurrencies and social networks sectors, uniting them with decentralized identity, social NFT and DAO. It is a cross-chain Social network where social media personalities and their fans meet art and DAO.
We should describe our high-level architecture to better understand our advantages over other blogging platforms.
We will talk about the mechanism for content publishing, decentralized storage methods and monetization using a variety of ways that have been implemented and will be integrated in the near future. We will pay special attention to reputation and monetizing your activity on the platform.
With Crypto.Page you don't need to get into the technical details of the blockchain to manage your decentralized social page. With the Crypto.Page app, you can create an unlimited number of decentralized spaces, giving a creator or group of creators the freedom to manage and customize their spaces. Crypto.Page defaults censorship resistant, however, members can set their own moderation rules by voting.
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