Did you know that social networks like Twitter or Facebook offer their users free products for communication, flow of information, content and other social interactions, for which they can censor them. This is due to the fact that such centralized platforms always have costs they need to cover. Therefore, user's data, time and activity is the digital contribution that users don't always value themselves, but it is fully monetized by traditional social platforms.
Such Internet websites make profit from the participants' activity. Their benefits always prevail for the companies leading such products compared to users.
Nowadays, freedom and privacy play a key role for humanity, which aims to self-expression, creation and recognition of values. However, the modern Internet can't fully satisfy these needs, as it is less free than we thought previously.
Access to network, content sharing, and its monetization depend on numerous service providers that history is silent on. These third parties can negatively influence your activity, including blocking of content, payments or to complete ban of platform members. Every service provider acts as a potential censorship point and they all make profit on your activity.
Blockchain technology brings freedom and transparency to the community. It allows you to abandon unnecessary intermediaries that unite creators and consumers. We can see an interesting paradox when a technology is most valuable, when it makes the least possible profit from its community and is most transparent to the end user.
Traditional social networks must learn to appreciate each of their members. Facebook should pay its users for using their data. It is the members of social networks who should receive the main income from advertising, not YouTube. Your posts should not be blocked by Twitter just because the company views clash with yours.
To enable users to get more benefits, we have created a decentralized social network Crypto.Page. This is Web 3.0 technology with data sovereignty guarantee where you can control material you create yourself. Your content is your property.
Last modified 9d ago
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